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Remember when I talked about feminists who look for reasons to be offended? This is exactly what I was talking about.

It’s one thing to enjoy playing video games and happen by a scene which is genuinely fucked up (I mean chances are it was intended to be fucked up; it’s like people complaining about the violence and drug use in Far Cry games), but it’s entirely another thing to grind through something you don’t even enjoy for a demographic you evidently dislike playing content that you barely understand, removing context and information, just so you can have a reason to take offence. It’s pathetic.

Anita gets criticized if she gets clips from other people’s play-thrus and she gets criticized if she collects her own clips through her own play-thrus. She literally CANNOT WIN in the eyes of many.

I’m not criticizing her for playing the game, that’s a ridiculously simplistic interpretation of what I said. I based what I said on her…history, including doing things like this, and the fact that FemFreq’s job is to find offensive content. Putting aside my own views for a second, it’s startling the amount of cries of protest I’ve gotten since posting this that I’m wrong for saying she “looks for reasons to be offended”. 

Again, even if you take my opinion out of this, Tropes vs. Women’s purpose is literally, literally to find and highlight offensive content. It’s literally her job to find offence.That’s an objective analysis. 

With that out of the way, this isn’t a matter of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” because her playing the game was never my bone of contention: it’s the fact that she has been found a number of times to completely ignore both context and in-game prompts so she will have a reason to be offended. I gave you one example in one of the links I provided. I’m sure there are a couple of valid criticisms of the video game industry somewhere in her videos, but my dislike of Anita Sarkeesian has less to do with her being a feminist and more to do with her character, integrity, and how she chooses to operate. 

I’m not trying to be rude, but I honestly don’t understand why looking for offense is a bad thing? She has a thesis that games feature women in derogatory ways and she pulls examples to prove her point.

For example, if I had an argument that many cat foods use lots of corn as a filler the best next step would be to search for cat foods that specifically use corn as a filler. As I look around and discover more and more cat foods full of corn, I could continue to compile that as a list of evidence. The fact that cat foods exist without corn is essentially irrelevant to my argument because I seek to prove that the presence of corn is a present issue with many examples. Not researching and finding examples to support your claim is, frankly, shitty reporting. I really don’t have a right to make this claim about cat food unless I’m willing to do the foot work. 

So the fact that she is seeking out offensive depictions of women in video games does not bother me. At all. She’s searching through materials looking for examples that support her thesis and doing everything she should.

It’s less the “looking for offence” and more the “ignoring aspects of the game so she’ll have a reason to take offence”. I gave you an example in one of my links.

What she does is basically:

  • Play game
  • See bad thing done by the villain/do something bad that is punishable/take something in that regards out of context
  • "omg this game is offensive"

Most recent example:

  • The latest Hitman game has a segment where Agent 47 is in an area where there are strippers.
  • Agent 47 is a hitman (duh), not a murder machine… sort of. He’s controlled and not a loose cannon. Why the fuck would he attack strippers? This action is possible to perform, but unnecessary and, in fact, discouraged as it lowers the players score.
  • She claims that you are forced to do this
  • Agent 47 will also don disguises that are part of a male’s wardrobe, even if they come from his dead body, so he will strip dead bodies. MEN’S bodies. The option is not available for the females, ESPECIALLY THE STRIPPERS. So naturally…
  • …Anita says the game allows you to do that. Ergo, her finally opinion is…
  • Hitman, while it discourages and even punishes you if you target civilians (strippers) makes it a goal of the player’s to attack them because “they’re strippers no one likes them amirite” and that since it has a disguise mechanic that calls for Agent 47 stealing clothes from male victims, you can strip dead women and look at their b00bies because they’re objects… despite that not being possible.
  • TL;DR “I played this game wrong and it was offensive so I must being playing it as it was intended”

I bet she’s going to look at that little bit from Dishonored with the tub scene, which punishes the player with a game over if you jump in with… NPC lady I forgot. She’ll show footage of that and conveniently cut out the game over and say that you’re rewarded with a non-existent achievement.

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